About this site

Hi there! 👋 Ryan Christensen here! I'm behind Not Another📱App, which operates somewhere between stream-of-consciousness and creative outlet with the occasional hot takes thoughtful newsletter.

I’ve been working with the web professionally since the late ’90s. (When websites were forged with Notepad and 3.5” floppy disks were king!) If you’re keen, you can learn more about me personally and professionally.

So... not another app, eh?

Remember when smartphones became a thing, and there was suddenly “an app for that”, kickstarting the mess of services now heavily integrated into our daily mobile lives? Well, "we’re here"—decades into the web’s evolution and the mobile explosion that followed. That idyllic future (and “internet of things”) we pined for so fervently is upon us, for better or worse.

The “app” revolution was helped in no small part (if not driven) by an overwhelming number of people now carrying a mobile supercomputer in their pocket. These technological evolutions give us some new—often tricky—questions to wrestle with.

Privacy, security, transparency, protected speech, and all the ways they collide with modern technology. Our myriad identities: personal, professional, national, and global. Funny pictures of adorable animals, memes, and how they factor into this. How we treat each other. Ethical design and engineering. All this stuff is now intersecting in ways unexpected, some with the potential for incredible—or terrifying—outcomes. I wanted to create a platform to explore the above. Life (personal and professional) in the hyper-digital age.

Not Another App is a play on words, the idea that whatever it is you're searching for right now, consider that perhaps it's not another app.

(I'll be here all week. 👉😎👉)